June 30, 2016

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Other Services

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian bikini waxing means that you get every hair removed from your more private areas, making the entire area smooth, silky, and more sensitive to touch. It is very aesthetic and attractive and it is also a safe solution. We at Eyebrow Experts, will perform it professionally and safely. Give it a try, you will love the result.

Eyebrow Tattooing

If you are after a more permanent solution, Eyebrow tattooing is fast becoming popular due to the flawless look and the ease at which to maintain you eyebrows ongoing. It is also cost effective due to the long lasting result compared to plucking and shaping which require maintenance and care. Have your eyebrows tattooed at our safe clinic and feel great with a long lasting result!

Lip Tattooing

Lip tattoos are fast becoming the ultimate trend setter and complimentary solution. For those who have lost their beauty of shape and colour in their natural lips, there is simply no better solution. You will never need to buy or wear lipstick ever again as it effortlessly restores the natural definition and colour lost over the years to what our lips looked like in our younger years.

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