Famous 7 Minute Brazilian Wax Prices

Eyebrow Experts Price List For Women

Eyebrow Experts Price list for women

Pamper yourself in no time flat!

Specializing in Brazilian Waxing in Just 7 Minutes, Brazilian Wax With Shapes & Brazilian Wax for Pregnant Women

Brazilian Waxing in just 7 minutes a month. Can you handle that?

You only do Brazilian waxing once a month and its ONLY 7 minutes with us.

And your skin stays SMOOTH for the rest of the month.

Shaving is not as good as the skin is NOT that smooth and you have to do it every 3 days and it takes between 10-20 minutes.

So if you are smart, you would calculate your time!

Well, you spend on average 2 hours a month just on shaving.

Oh my God! It’s just too much.

Think, what could you do with this 2 hours?

Have a good sleep before work; Great!

Have a great chat with your girlfriend you have not seen for a while? Oh, yes I miss it so much!

Or Just stay in your bed and make love with your partner? Oh yes, I need that!

Is that good enough Reasons for you to do Brazilian Waxing in Just 7 minutes with us?

Prices for treatments with the Developer of the famous technique 7 minutes Brazilian Wax, Svetlana:

Brazilian Wax first visit inc. bottom $89
Wax Maintenance Visit (ie. Between 3 and 6 weeks following initial appointment*),     $72

Prices for Senior Therapist:

  • First Visit –  $72
  • Maintenance Visit (every 3 to 6 weeks), $67

* Please note, if it is more than 6 weeks since your initial appointment, you will be charged for a First Visit, as Brazilian will need to be totally reshaped.

Special Brazilian Wax Shapes

Brazilian with love heart shape or butterfly or down arrow /35mins/ $107

Brazilian with star shape or initial /35mins/ from $99- $129

Some initials within reason. Prices vary on shape.

Give your lover a heart attack!

Get Your Brazilian Wax With a stylized bikini design…

  • Bikini /8-10mins/ $32
  • G-string from $40-59
  • High G-string /15ns/ inc. bottom $60

Express Facial

Express Facial treatment using Joyce Block product $67

**Please note. In the event of a cancellation or change to an appointment, we ask you provide us with at least 24 hours notice. If you HAVE CONFIRMED but fail to keep your appointment, you will be charged 50% your scheduled treatment

If you are unable to secure your desired time with Svetlana, please do not hesitate to visit the lovely Senior Therapist who has been trained under Svetlana’s eagle eye. All EyebrowExperts treatments will also include a complimentary mineral makeup application!


We take pride in using top quality products Strip wax with Lavender essential extracts and and Rose hot wax.
No double dipping in the wax pot, so the wax is absolutely clean and hygienic, disposable gloves and disposable spatulas are used, quality antiseptic lotion with Tea-Tree oil and therapeutic soothing lotion applied after each treatment.

Home care product can be recommended by the therapist.

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