Men Waxing

Waxing for Men

If you have been thinking for a while what to do with your Eyebrows, you think that your Eyebrows look bushy, Not groomed enough?
You are on the right track to look like a Movie Star!
But I’m a man and men don’t do eyebrows. Suddenly you think that?

Our Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist is specializing in eyebrow styling and especially shaping men’s eyebrows.

You do want to look great and you deserve to look your best.
You love yourself and by shaping your eyebrows you will look sexy, well
groomed and stylish.

It will be great for BOOSTING YOUR MALE EGO.

Well, some of us do like John Howard, some don’t,  it’s fine.
We are all different and respect others opinion and choices.


Do you have similar eyebrows like him or close to his shape?

If so You definitely need to book in

Is that good enough Reason for you to do your Eyebrow Styling with Eyebrow Experts?

Men Waxing Prices

Eyebrow shape by EyebrowExperts

First visit $69
Eyebrow shaping /maintain within 3- 6 week $55
Eyebrow waxing /just following your shape, not styling $30
Eyebrow tint $20
Eyelash tint /includes application of a lifting eye gel/ $29
Centre of eyebrow 10 mins $13
Full face 25 mins $47
Jaw line or Cheeks 10 mins $18
Chin or Lip 5mins $15
Ears 10 mins $17
Nostriles 3 min $10
Underarm 15 mins $30
Neck 15 mins $22
Half leg 20 mins $40
3⁄4 leg 25 mins $44
>Full leg 35 mins $51
Half arm 20 mins $38
Full arm 30 mins $42
Stomach only 15mins $24
Chest and Stomach 35mins $58
Shoulders only 20 mins $32
Back and Shoulders 35 mins $62
Back 20 mins $42
Buttocks with cheeks 30 mins $50
Buttocks cheeks only 20mins $35
Speedo 20 mins $35
Full body 1 (full leg, full arm, back and shoulders+Ears) 1 hour and 45 mins $145 1 hour and 45 mins $145
Full body 2 (full leg, full arm, back and shoulders, Buttocks with cheeks+Ears) 2 hours 20 min $205

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